Virtual remote interpreting services allow you to conduct conferences with business partners abroad.

How Does Remote Interpreting Bring People and Businesses Together?

Professional translation services agencies are capable of adapting and finding solutions for the most difficult situations. Remote interpreting is such an example. Yet, business meetings still have to take place and individuals still need assistance with interpreting services for a number of purposes. Remote interpreting by phone, by video or via a virtual platform is the answer of specialized translation agencies to this challenge.

In this article, we will detail how remote interpreting services work and why you may need to rely on this form of live interpreting. We believe that, by educating our clients, we help them get the most out of our professional services and achieve their goals and purposes.

Different Types of Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote interpretation can be performed in two ways: over the phone or during a video conference. Each type of remote interpreting services requires different equipment and skills, apart from language knowledge. 

Let us look at each of these remote interpretation techniques in detail:

Phone Interpretation

Remote interpreting by phone is probably the best-known specialty. It was widely used even before the healthcare crisis that changed our world. There are minimal requirements in terms of equipment for this type of remote interpretation.

However, the interpreter must be experienced in simultaneous interpretation. This means that they must be able to render the speaker’s words in real-time, as they are speaking. In the case of technical and highly sensitive business presentations, the clients and the interpreter can agree on consecutive remote interpreting.

A live interpreting professional can help you conduct meetings via video conference.

Experienced interpreters can help you conduct remote meetings.

In this case, the speaker will stop after a few sentences, allowing the specialist to interpret their words in the target language.

Virtual Interpreting

Virtual or video remote interpreting services require both hardware equipment and specialized software. During the last two years, both businesses and interpreting and translating agencies have learned to use various online platforms for virtual meetings, such as:

  • Adobe Connect
  • Go To Meeting
  • Zoom 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • ZipDX
  • Webex

A professional remote simultaneous interpreting company can also provide an interpreter who can join your meeting using your proprietary platform after a minimum training period.

Video Remote Interpreting for Healthcare

Remote interpreting for medical purposes has become extremely useful during the last decades. First of all, when a patient does not speak English well, a remote interpreting specialist can help them talk to doctors. Thus, medical professionals can understand the patient’s symptoms and can clearly tell them the diagnosis and the prescribed medication or procedures they recommend.

Secondly, remote live interpreting can take place between two healthcare professionals from different countries. Doctors frequently request the assistance of reputed specialists in various specializations in difficult cases. The most advanced form of video remote interpreting for healthcare involves teams of doctors from different countries working together and with specialized equipment to perform groundbreaking surgeries and other medical procedures.

How to Select the Best Remote Interpreting Services

Remote interpreting is a specialized form of providing live translation for meetings. The language professional must have various other skills, such as:

  • The ability to sense when the speaker stops to allow them to start interpreting
  • Understanding local idioms 
  • Ability to judge the meaning of sentences from the tone of voice
  • Ability to take shorthand notes of the speaker’s presentation
  • Computer skills for virtual remote interpreting services
A remote interpretation agency can provide the language specialist for your virtual meeting.

Language knowledge and computer skills define remote interpreters.

Thus, you need to find a translating agency with a proven track record in providing specialized interpreting services. Also, you must ensure that the agency has language specialists who are familiar with your field of activity: healthcare, business, finance, legal, marketing, etc. The remote interpreting specialist must be able to understand and accurately translate acronyms, jargon, and specialized terms that you are using in your presentation.

Hire a Professional Agency for Remote Interpreting

Pronto Translations is a specialized company, in business for over 20 years. We offer a complete range of advanced translating and interpreting services, including remote interpretation for highly confidential business meetings.

Our offices are in New York, NY, but our services are available anywhere in the world remotely. Write us a line to discuss your interpreting needs or simply call us: 646-984-4073!