African languages translation guide

Expand your reach when communicating with this immense, 1.35 billion people-strong market by translating and localizing your content into African languages

  • For business-to business (B2B), business to government (B2G) and government-to-government (G2G) messaging, the key languages are English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Swahili
  • For business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging — widely spoken local languages in each country need to be a core part of your strategy
  • Include an audio version (MP3 or podcast) to reach local audiences who may prefer hearing the content

Demand for content in local African languages is a growing trend.

Companies are realizing the advantages of reaching both African consumers and businesses in local, daily-spoken languages. Doing so enables them to reach more of this market’s 1.35 billion people (encompassing one sixth (16.7%) of the world’s population!)

African Languages Translation Guide