Professional Interpreter Services Remove Language Barriers in All Aspects of Life

Pronto Translations has over 20 years of experience in providing translation and interpreter services in hundreds of language pairs for various specialized fields from business to medicine.

In this day and age, almost anyone needs interpretation and translation services. Entrepreneurs and CEOs need a professional interpreter for meetings with partners, clients, and suppliers from other countries, while healthcare professionals rely on a professional interpreting agency when talking with patients who request that the professional speak with them in their own language or when discussing difficult cases with colleagues from other countries.

Even a simple phone call between colleagues working for the same company but in different countries may require interpretation services. The fact is, many people know one or two foreign languages, but only at a conversational level. When discussing business deals or professional matters, you need specialized interpretation services.

A Professional Interpreter Adapts Their Style to Your Type of Meeting

When considering the cost of interpretation services, you may wonder if it is worthwhile. Well, when working with a seasoned, professional interpreter, you will barely notice them by your side. In addition to linguistic knowledge, the interpreting agency requires their employees to learn all five of the main types of interpretation so that their presence is as unobtrusive as possible.

We offer the following interpreter services depending on your needs:

  • Consecutive interpreting – the speaker will take a break once every few minutes, allowing the professional interpreter to deliver an accurate translation of the message that is being conveyed.
  • Simultaneous interpreting – this highly specialized form of interpretation service requires a very experienced professional who can translate at the same pace as the speaker’s presentation.
  • Whisper interpreting – this is a variation of simultaneous interpreting: instead of speaking out, the interpreter whispers the translation to the client.
  • Travel interpreting – during business trips abroad, a professional interpreter will accompany your group not only to meetings but also on sightseeing tours.
  • Over-the-phone interpreting – the interpretation company will make available a professional interpreter who joins in a phone conference either at your office or from a remote location.
  • Video conference interpreting – this form of interpretation is used when multiple participants, speaking different languages, from separate locations need to communicate via video conference. The interpreter will join the conference via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any videoconferencing application to provide simultaneous translation of what is being said.
  • Video localization – vastly widen the range of your audience by adding voice overs by professional interpreters in French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages of the popular webinars and other videos that you host on your website, YouTube, or other video platforms.

Key Advantages of Working with a Professional Interpreting Agency

Interpretation services require another person’s access to confidential discussions. When you hire a professional interpretation company, you have the assurance that the person who will assist you:

  • Is proficient in both languages
  • Is specialized in your field of activity
  • Is fully trained in all respects concerning confidentiality, security, and data protection.

You can rest assured that the subject matter of your meeting or phone call will remain 100% confidential.

A Reliable Interpreting Agency To Handle Your Needs

Pronto Translations has been offering interpreter services for over 20 years. Our professional interpreters are available for over 300 language pairs and cover a range of specialties: medicine, business, financial, marketing, public relations, and more.

We are based in New York. We offer our interpretation services to clients from:

  • Chelsea
  • Midtown
  • Soho
  • Greenwich Village
  • All of Manhattan
  • Hoboken, NJ
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • … and anywhere worldwide

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