Document translation for USCIS visa purposes must be done by a competent and experienced translator

Immigration Document Translation Requires Specialized Certified Services

Many people wonder whether they really need translation services for their immigration documents. After all, you can always ask a friend, use an online tool or even translate your own documents. However, if you want to obtain your visa to the US, your documents must meet the USCIS translation requirements. The number one requirement in the rules set by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services is that immigration translation must be done by a translator.

The cost of professional immigration documents translation services is fully justified by the importance of these translated documents. They are your pathway to living and working legally in the US and building a new, happy life for yourself and your family.

What Is a USCIS Certified Translation?

As a foreign citizen, you need immigration documents translation for your ID papers, especially the birth certificate. This is the document that states who you are. US authorities must be 100% certain that the translation of this official document is done by a professional. It is the only guarantee that the translation is complete and accurate. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the need to hire a USCIS certified translator.

Discover the USCIS translation requirements and why you need to hire an experienced translator.

You need a professional translation for immigration documents.

The birth certificate translation for USCIS must contain at least the following items:

  • First, last and middle name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents’ full name
  • Seal verifying that it is an original record of birth.

The Key USCIS Translation Requirements

Immigration documents for work visa or citizenship purposes need a USCIS certified translation. The requirements of this type of translator are:

  • The translation must be complete
  • The translation must be accurate
  • The translation must be done by a competent translator.

Here is a more detailed explanation of each immigration translation requirement:


Every word and element in the original documents must be translated into English. This includes:

  • Dashes
  • Empty spaces
  • Illegible text (marked as such by the USCIS certified translator).


No error is allowed in legal immigration documents translation, not even an erroneous interpretation of the word. When you translate for visa purposes, the English version must be a 100% accurate rendering of the document in the foreign language.


Who can translate a birth certificate for immigration? The answer is: a competent and experienced translator, who has studied the language, passed exams and is experienced in the respective translation field.  To acknowledge this, the translator will add a certification to the translated document. It is a standard form stating that the translator is fluent in the language pair and certifies the accuracy of their translation.

Although any licensed translator can perform immigration translation, if you want to be 100% sure of the quality of the translation you may consider hiring a USCIS certified translator.

Can I Translate My Own Documents for USCIS?

You should not include in a visa file a translation done by yourself, unless you are a translator. When the USCIS employee checking your file notes the absence of the certification which should be appended to your immigration translation, your application will be rejected.

This means losing valuable time, as well as a unique opportunity to follow your dreams – which can be avoided by hiring a translator for USCIS certified translation.

Experienced translators know USCIS document translation requirements and follow them in their work.

Always work with a professional translator for visa documents.

Where Can You Find a USCIS Certified Translator?

You may find lots of freelance translators on job boards and forums, but you cannot be sure if they are fluent in the language pair or experienced in this type of translating. You should only hire a professional for immigration translation.

If you want your legal document to meet the USCIS translation requirements, you should go to a professional translation agency. They can guarantee that the person who will perform immigration translation has the required expertise.

There are many benefits to choosing a professional agency compared to looking for an independent translator on your own. Agencies can:

  • Deliver your translations on time, even if the deadline is very short
  • Offer you a competitive price
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data.

We Can Help You with USCIS Certified Translation!

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