Content transcreation can make your message more effective.

How Is Transcreation Different from Translation?

Many people think they need translation services when what they really need is transcreation. This is a combination of translation and creation and it is often used in marketing and advertising. Transcreation services may also be referred to as creative translation, internationalization, cross-market copywriting, and marketing translation.

What Is Transcreation? An Explanation

Content transcreation refers to the adaptation of an advertising message from its original language into another language. The aim is to convey the meaning and emotion of the original text into the target language or dialect. When you hire a transcreation agency, a professional will consider the cultural nuances in the target country and incorporate them into the marketing and advertising messages. This helps them to truly connect with the intended audience. Transcreations are often used in slogans, video games, creative writing, film and TV scripts, speeches, and websites.

Transcreation professionals are skilled in both language and culture.

Going beyond the words to convey emotion and nuance is important.

Transcreation Vs Translation: How Each Approach is Different

Translators convert text word-for-word so that it can be clearly understood by an audience that doesn’t understand the source language. In contrast, transcreators are more concerned with delivering the intended message. Therefore, they may use different words and change up the content of the text to increase the likelihood that it will be well received

This approach to creative content is necessary since marketing messages are often nuanced. Literal translations often don’t have the same emotional impact when you’re trying to sell a product or service.

Clear on Transcreation Meaning? Here Are the Benefits!

There’s a lot to be gained from choosing transcreation over translation if you have a marketing or advertising message to share with an international audience. Creatively translating your content helps to ensure that your brand:

  • Delivers personalized messaging
  • Connects emotionally with potential buyers
  • Displays sensitivity to the needs of specific audiences
  • Increases online visibility and enhances search engine optimization
Hiring a transcreation agency can make a big difference in your marketing efforts.

Communicating with diverse audiences requires special skills.

Hire a Transcreation Agency to Handle Your Project

Now that you know the difference between transcreation and translation, you may be interested in hiring someone to take care of your creative international content. Companies often spend a large portion of their budgets on marketing and advertising so they need to ensure the investment pays off. Whether you’re selling a product or service, you need to pay careful attention to the words you use especially if you’re communicating with diverse audiences in multiple locations.

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